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الشهيد لونجينوس قائد المئة الذي كان واقفاً عند صليب الرب

الشهيد لونجينوس قائد المئة الذي كان واقفاً عند صليب الرب 16 تشرين الاول  كان يقف راسخا عند الصليب يراقب ويتأمل مفعما بالدهشة والذهول ، وبغتة ، ولد في اعماقه شيء ، شرارة ايمان ، بداية ليس مثلها ، فتبدلت سيرته الى الابد ، ويصف الانجيلي متى الالهي لحظة اهتدائه الى المسيحية بقوة فائقة . " [...]

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Saint Demetrius day sermon

Saint Demetrius day sermon In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit! Today, dear brothers and sisters, we have gathered in this Holy church to glorify with our prayers St. Demetrius, the Patrone ofthis Holy temple and Parish. I would like to humbly present to you the life [...]

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Violence and the Gospel

Violence and the Gospel by Metropolitan George (Khodr) of Byblos and Batroun [This article was first given at a conference in Lyon of the Association of Christians Against Torture, and appeared in Supplément de la vie Spirituelle, Sept. 1987] This essay is not an analysis of violence but a hymn to that evangelical virtue which [...]

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An Orthodox View on Child Abuse

An Orthodox View on Child Abuse by Fr. Stanley S. Harakas An apparently new social concern has risen in our days which highlights the abuse of children. Child abuse is generally understood in our day in broad terms, including the physical, mental, and spiritual harassment of children. Specifically, child abuse is often understood as inflicting [...]

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Saint Maximos the Confessor on The Lord’s Prayer

Saint Maximos the Confessor on The Lord's Prayer  St Maximos the ConfessorПреподобный Максим ИсповедникΜαξίμου του Ομολογητού  If the purpose of the divine counsel is the deification of our nature, and the aim of divine thoughts is to supply the prerequisites of our life, it follows that we should both know and carry into effect the [...]

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البارة بيلاجيا التائبة

 البارة بيلاجيا التائبة  8 تشرين الاول   الرب يحب الخطأة حبا جما ، كما نعلم ، ومن السهل ان نتصور انه لا بد ان يكون قد احب بيلاجيا المكرمة محبة خاصة لأن هذه الخاطئة الرهيبة لم تطلب التوبة بسبب افعالها الرديئة فحسب ، بل قامت واصبحت تقية وناسكة وقديسة . ولدت في انطاكية لوالدين كانا [...]

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Venerable Pelagia the Penitent

Venerable Pelagia the Penitent October 8th  The Lord loves sinners with an abiding love, we are told, and it is easy to imagine that He must have loved the Venerable Pelagia with a special fervor – because this egregious sinner not only sought repentance for her misdeeds, but then went on to become a pious [...]

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أقوال للقدّيس يوحنّا التبايسي

أقوال للقدّيس يوحنّا التبايسي كتب المقال راهبات دير مار يعقوب دده    * أنواع الصّمت:  - صمت اللسان، وهو ألاّ يتكلّم كلاماً رديئاً.  - صمت الجسد، وهو أن تبطل منه كلّ الاحساسات الشّريرة.  - صمت النّفس، وهو الاّ تنبع منها أفكار رديئة.  - صمت العقل، وهو ألاّ يفكّر بأمور ضارة.  - صمت الرّوح، وهو أن يهدأ [...]

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The Mission of Orthodoxy

The Mission of Orthodoxy by Father Alexander Schmemann [Adapted from a lecture given at the 1968 National Conference of Orthodox College Students and printed in Volume III, No.4 of CONCERN (no longer in publication).] This article is available in pamphlet form here from Conciliar Press What is the role and task of Orthodox Christians in [...]

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Be Angry And Sin Not

Be Angry And Sin Not   By St. Nikolai Velimirovich "Be angry and sin not" (Psalm 4:4). Be angry with yourself, brethren, and sin no more. Be angry at your sins of thoughts and deeds, and sin no more. Be angry with Satan the father of lies (John 8:44), and no longer do his will. [...]

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