The Mission of Orthodoxy

The Mission of Orthodoxy by Father Alexander Schmemann [Adapted from a lecture given at the 1968 National Conference of Orthodox College Students and printed in Volume III, No.4 of CONCERN (no longer in publication).] This article is available in pamphlet form here from Conciliar Press What is the role and task of Orthodox Christians in [...]

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The Meaning of Stewardship

Well Done, Thou good and faithful Servant! What is the Definition of Stewardship? By  Bishop Demetri Good evening!  I am very happy to be here and speak to all of you on the subject of Christian Stewardship.     For each one of us is called by God to be a steward. What does stewardship mean?   Merriam [...]

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Assessing Parish Needs

Word Magazine February 1983 Page 9 - 11 Assessing Parish Needs by Ron Nicola The January, 1983 issue of The Word magazine car­ried an article about stewardship at the parish level. Seven guidelines were presented which were intended to direct the process of building a parish level stewardship program. The first three steps involve the [...]

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Word Magazine October 1986 Page 19 LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN by Ronald Nicola Have you ever been to Antiochian Village? Chances are more people under 18 years old are able to answer in the affirmative than those who are beyond their teen years. Naturally, this is due to the fact that until September, 1985, Antiochian [...]

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Stewardship? A Magic Word?

Word Magazine September 1988 Page 19 - 20 Stewardship? A Magic Word? By Very Rev. Father James C. Meena I would like to speak to you today about a magic word: a word that is supposed to, in the minds of some people, solve all the problems of the Church. The word is stewardship. No [...]

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Stewardship: A Future Vision

Stewardship: A Future Vision by Ron Nicola "Thank you, Father, for the beautiful sermon you delivered in church today." This common compliment is often received with a certain amount of skepticism by priests. They appreciate the kind words from their parishioners, but they wonder what lasting impact their message will have on those who heard [...]

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Word Magazine October 1982 Page 4 – 5 STEWARDSHIP: A TOTAL DEFINITION by Ron Nicola Co-Chairperson Department of Stewardship When a person encounters a new vocabulary word, two questions usually arise: How is it pronounced? What does it mean? In about 1975, the word “stewardship” began to be used more frequently in parishes throughout our [...]

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…It Is Very Logical

Word Magazine January, 1983 Page 9 - 11 Stewardship in an Orthodox Christian Parish ...It Is Very Logical by Ron Nicola If A equals B and B equals C, then A equals C. This most basic of all logic formulas offers a clue about the role of stewardship in the Orthodox Church. Steward­ship, as a [...]

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Stewardship: Matching Belief With Action

Word Magazine April, 1983 Page 9 – 11 Stewardship: Matching Belief With Action by Ron Nicola Stewardship is a concept in which expressed belief is not always matched with commensurate action. The validity of this statement diminishes the quality of life of all Christians and cripples the Church’s ability to fulfill its mission. This condition [...]

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