This translation of the Typikon is a rough draft and has not been fully proofread. As anyone who writes knows, one cannot proof read one’s own work. Therefore, we are certain that there are many typos and other mistakes in this rough draft. Hopefully those who read it will be so kind as to send us a list of any mistakes that they find at Since it is a rough draft, this work has no official status and has not been endorsed or approved by our Archdiocese. Although it is an incomplete work, we have received many requests for a copy because there is no complete translation of any version of the Typikon available. Therefore, we have decided to make a rough draft available as a PDF file and (e book format). It cannot be emphasized enough that it is not possible to conduct services observing every or even most instructions of the Typikon in a parish setting. Indeed, it would be difficult even for a monastery to conduct its services according to a strict literal obedience to the Typikon. Therefore, every pastor must be guided by the Metropolitan and his local Bishop on the correct to follow in the worship of his parish.

In His service,
Bishop Demetri
Archpriest John Morris

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